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About Ripit

Ripit Gloves are the brain and engineering child of Todd Shaw, lifelong painting and drywall contractor (whose early nickname was “Ripit”). His dream – to create the perfect glove for the drywall industry as well as for the working hands of others in similar, demanding industries. He teamed up with design, material and handling engineers to perfect a glove that incorporated all these performance features: precision fit, comfort, super tactile sensitivity, strength, flexibility, ultra-lightweight, long-lasting durability, breathability, affordability – and, above all, super grip. A tall order. But one that resulted in the Ripit line of super gripping, super sensitive, hard-working gloves.

When we first started considering manufacturing gloves, it began as ideas & thoughts. Many people have the vision & passion to exceed their expectations while trying to make things easier for others. Anyone can manufacture whatever they like, but we had a vision to manufacture a quality glove line that offered the combination of precise fit, comfort, affordability & durability. We knew we had to generate something to address the needs of others. Todd Shaw, founder of Ripit Accessories LLC. had a great idea to engineer a glove for the Drywall & Painting industry. It all started back in August 2014, he knew how rough & rigorous work can be on your hands. Working in the drywall & painting industry for 40 years, he knew a thing or two about the construction industry as well. That’s when he decided to engineer various gloves for the benefit of hard-working hands performing many different duties.

We have acquired some Napa, Car Quest, Snap-On, Diamond Vogel Paint, Mac's Hardware & Ace Hardware. We’ve also got drywall companies & suppliers, in addition, several trucking companies. Johnson and Johnson moving & U-Haul Corporate offering contracts. We are also carried in several convenience store chains, & we have begun market testing in some local BP's & Kum and Go's

The Super Glove

Ripit Gloves represent the highest technology in workplace gloves today. Combining super gripability with super finger and hand sensitivity, they’re like wearing a superset of protective skin.

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