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The automatic taping tool mobile workstation.


The Ripit mud sled provides a complete automatic taping tool workstation compatible with most all major brand box handle, angle box, corner roller and glazing tools (includes adjustable clips). The Mud-Sled also provides an area for your pan and a ultra convenient slot for multiple knives.

Your automatic taping tool pump attaches to the rubber sleeve located on the front of the sled, allowing for ease of use. This sleeve is compatible with most major brands or can be easily achievable by replacing the bottom screws with round Phillips head.

The chassis is rated for 2400 lbs with a maximum capacity of 6 boxes of drywall joint compound.  In addition, the Ripit Mud-Sled provides seamless maneuverability with 0 turn radius capability. Our Mud Sled makes operating  efficient and convenient. It rolls over  extension cords and jobsite debris with ease!

You now have the capability to haul all of your necessary finishing tools and mud (up to 6 boxes, mixed and ready to go!) on one gliding mud sled from room to room on your project.



Ripit Mud Sled

SKU: TS012
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